Our Vision

Clear Ridge Apartments believes what’s good for the environment is good for Hanmer Springs. We aim to be a positive influence in our community by offering world class accommodation in with sustainable environmental standards. We’ve developed a plan to achieve this:

Energy Efficiency

At least 90% of the areas around Clear Ridge Apartments have energy efficient lighting. We also implemented a policy for purchasing low energy equipment for electrical devices such as refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and dryers. Our main focus is high energy efficiency, so we’re using less power and less water, which is better for our environment.

Light Sensors

Our energy efficient lighting comes on at night to highlight dark areas, and is automatically switched off during the day. There’s a balance to being energy efficient, as well as safety conscious.

Skip The Engines

Say hello to bicycles! We have a bicycle available for you to move around the village and the local area. Its eco-friendly, plus you’ll get some exercise! If you wish to borrow our bike, just ask at the Clear Ridge Reception.

Save Water

We have a guest towel reuse/bed linen changing program to reduce laundry sizes which reduces our water usage. We’ve also installed low flush toilets and other water saving devices. With these programmes, and your help, we can save water, which is great for Hanmer Springs.

Clear Ridge Approves Saving Water

Minimize Rubbish

We’ll avoid single use condiments like jam, Vegemite or butter, instead favouring reusable containers. Organics are especially our thing to buy! In fact, we’re looking for more products that are certified for their environmental quality, and we purchase biodegradable products from local suppliers as much as possible. Right now, 90% of our purchases are from local businesses around Hanmer Springs and the Hurunui District.

Lastly, we have a two-fold collection system. Recycling bins are located on the ground floor, and we sort waste in the apartments. Where possible, we ask that you help us out by separating your recycling from other waste

There you have it! Clear Ridge Apartments in Hanmer Springs is dedicated to being a force for good for the environment and the community. If you want to take a holiday and do your part for the environment, come and stay at Clear Ridge Apartments, your home away from home.